Driving Big Insight through Data Management and Governance

Big Data for Drivers

The automobile industry is going all out with big data, and as they seek ways to interpret and utilize that data, partnerships with other companies are naturally arising that stand to profit everyone (even the consumer). Read More

Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

Big data needs a lot of space – so moving it to the cloud makes sense. But how many organizations are actually moving their big data analytics practices to the cloud? Read More

The Path to Big Data Analytics Success

In a recent survey of over 226 executives by Capgemini Consulting, a minuscule 8% felt their data use and analytics were truly valuable. Read More

Investment Banks Investing in Big Data Analytics

Investment banks are pretty good at predicting what will matter most to our business’s bottom lines. So when the big investment banks – like Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank – are utilizing big data analytics regularly, as well as employing data leaders in their respective companies, we should probably pay attention. Read More

Big Data’s a Big Deal in the Auto Industry

The sensors in cars are valuable commodities – and not just to the auto industry. Insurers and marketers alike are in hot pursuit of data from vehicles because of its intrinsic value. Read More

Revolutionizing the World with Big Data

So it seems big data has come of age. Not a huge surprise to those of us who spend a big part of our lives researching and engaging with big data in some way, but still, it’s worth noting that big data is now being decisively noted as a worthy figure in modern day science and beyond. Read More

Wisdom from Failure & Success with Big Data

Failure can teach us a lot. From failure, we learn what didn’t work, and even what did, or what could have been approached slightly differently. From success, we also learn what’s worth our time and effort – and maybe where to invest more energy and focus the next go-round. Read More

Approaching Big Data with a Blueprint

Because it’s so big, big data can seem a bit overwhelming to organizations trying to pull useful information out of its voluminous substance. There are several ways to approach the process, however, that can help facilitate tangible results, and make especial sense when you’re first getting your feet wet with big data. Read More

A Big Data Be There: Strata + Hadoop World 2015

From February 17th-20th, a big, BIG, big data event will be held in San Jose, California. Strata + Hadoop World’s tagline this year is “Make Data Work,” and it promises to bring even more valuable information to its participants than last year. Read More

Are There “Secrets” for Big Data Success?

Earlier this week, I read an article titled “Seven Secrets to Big Data Success”. The article has some interesting commentary about being successful in big data.   The seven ‘secrets’ are: Read More
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