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UK’s Youth Yearning for More Tech Skills

In the United Kingdom, 12-17 year-olds are aching for more tech knowledge, skill, and opportunity. Accenture recently conducted a study, interviewing about 5,000 UK residents. Although 39% of them can code now, they want more—65% of them don’t think they’re getting the tech skills they need from the current UK school system. In other words, they don’t think they know enough about gathering and utilizing big data to make it in the big world of emerging big data-related professions—and they’re saying as much now. Read More

Drones Do More with Big Data

Drones can be instrumental in helping where humans can’t—in disasters, to gather data on possible construction sites or to add value to a farm. Drones can connect with us, and the world around us, from far away, while remaining unobtrusive—and as such, they’re excellent data collectors. Big Data, meet Drones. Drones, meet Big Data. Read More

Big Data, Phone Home

Worldwide smartphone shipments hit an all-time high of 301.3 million in the second quarter of 2014, says IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. According to eMarketer, 1.75 billion people worldwide now use smartphones. Read More

Analyzing Predictive Analytics: 3 Things

A white paper titled “Three Steps to Put Predictive Analytics to Work” examines the three basics involved in ensuring that predictive analytics are doing all they can for your business. Following, in short form, the three things you need to know: Read More

Using Stories to Create Context

In “What’s Your Big Data Story?” Gene De Libero makes a wonderful point regarding data and its relation to storytelling.  The entire reason for analyzing data is to create information. That information can be use for all sorts of reasons within an organization, but the most valuable use of information is to create knowledge. This knowledge can and should be used to improve the business. Read More

What’s Your Big Data Story?

Data analysis must encompass a framework of storytelling in order to get at the humanity of big data’s “answers” to the hypotheses we pose to it.  Storytelling allows big data to become more than numbers and facts and figures—when juxtaposed alongside actual humans, applied to actual hypotheses, big data surmounts our biases while answering our human questions. Read More

Context and People - Making Big Data Useful

In “Backing up Big Ideas with Big Data”, Gene wrote that “big data needs human intuition to make it work—and we need big data to back up our big ideas.”  This aligns very well with the idea that “context” is extremely important when it comes to data. In “Context and Big Data”, I wrote the following: Read More

Big Banks & Big Data

Tom Davenport recently wrote a post about the financial world’s investing in—and utilizing—big data analytics to customers’ advantage. There are two big types of financial companies who will be putting big data and big data analysts to good use—banks, of course, and financial software (think Quickbooks and Turbo Tax). Read More

G’Day Big Data

A recent article in CMO.com explores Accenture Analytics’ report titled Big Success with Big Data, in which the team surveyed executives on their sentiments about the use of big data. 82% of those polled worldwide stated that “…big data provided a significant source of value for their organization,” whereas only 58% of Australians felt the same. Why such hesitation with big data down under? Read More

The Spotlight Is On Big Data Ethics

Some big questions often lurk behind an enterprise’s efforts to better understand its customers – particularly consumers – by better analyzing the data they increasingly can collect about them. What ethical lines might be crossed in the acquisition and exploration of that information? And should they be crossed, even if there are no explicit legal or regulatory barriers to doing so? Read More
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