Driving Big Insight through Data Management and Governance

Data Scientists - Build or Buy?

We’ve talked a lot about big data here on the forum.  There’s been some great conversations and some great articles posted here on the Big Data Forum.  We’ve talked about data management, data governance, storage, processing and other technology related topics.  What we really haven’t talked much about are the people involved with big data.  I cautioned readers not to forget about the human aspect of big data recently and Read More

Surpassing the Flawed Human Using Big Data

Getting big data to do for us flawed humans what we cannot effectively accomplish for ourselves is an ongoing struggle. Jason Bloomberg’s recent post on wired.com titled “Big Data Driven Innovation: Disruption vs. Optimization” explores at length the positives and negatives of utilizing big data to make decisions for us—and when to say when. Or, in Bloomberg’s terms, when to disrupt the analyses of big data, and when to optimize on its results. Read More

The Internet of Things: What's Your Plan Beyond Collecting More Stuff?

We are told that the Internet of Things means more volume, variety and velocity of data, and more storage and data management issues for IT to confront. No doubt, but what matters most is using that data to better inform decisions. Experts are driving that point home, including drawing attention to just what information is gathered and how it is integrated and presented that need to be carefully considered, so that organizations can leverage that data in useful ways – not just collect more stuff. Read More

SQL Rises from the Ashes of Big Data

So you thought SQL (“Sequel” for those in the know) was dead? Think again. According to an article in Forbes, SQL never really left—and never even lost its relevant status: “…it’s not so much a return to significance for SQL as recognition of its continuing relevance.” Read More

Question of the Week: Requirements for the Data Scientist Role

Here's a list requirements for a data scientists gig advertised on Indeed.com. Would you add anything to the list (or remove anything from the list?) 1. Mine and translate data into meaningful insights and recommendations for the analytics management team 2. Answer key business questions by using analytical & statistical techniques on available data 3. Drive the collection of new data and the refinement of existing data sources Read More

Catching Crime in the Act With Big Data

Not surprisingly, big data is being put to use to try to find and stop crime—even before it happens. Although privacy concerns are still an issue, and certainly there’s the underlying threat of profiling—but it’s a big deal, and it appears to work. Read More

Data Decisions Drive Results

Big data’s changes in the profit margins of companies may be incremental, but it’s making a difference steadily. Data-driven decision-making has been reported to make only a 1% to 5% gain for businesses up to this point. Read More

Strategy, Big Data and You

In the past within many organizations, big data was viewed as a something that IT and Marketing were playing around with to find new ways to make money from customers.  Lately, the perception of big data has changed with many other groups within organizations finding value within the data they have within their company. Read More

Big Data=Big Productivity

It turns out that big data is a big help with productivity at work—who knew? Read More

Question of the Week: On Data Quality

Data quality is a critical component in any successful big data initiative. Here are three benefits businesses can achieve when they make data quality a top priority. What would you add to the list? Build a foundation for all business initiatives. Data serves as a foundation for customer relations, sales, production, forecasting and other initiatives. So it needs to be flawless. Outdated or unreliable data can harm your business decisions and negatively impact your organization. Read More
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