Driving Big Insight through Data Management and Governance

Tom Davenport on Big Data – Part 3

For organizations that want to develop a strategic plan of action regarding big data, but feel just a little overwhelmed by the bigness of all of it, what should the roadmap look like? Tom Davenport, author of the recently published Big Data at Work says taking the time to understand what’s actually possible with big data is a good place to start the journey. Read More

Merging Crowdsourcing with Big Data Analytics

What I enjoy most about living in the age of innovation is the ability to watch evolution transpire. This is especially true when organizations find creative ways to seamlessly and strategically mesh trends and technologies together. The ability to blend crowdsourcing with big data analytics is a prime example. Read More

Are your Systems Ready for the Internet of Things?

The onslaught of big data has required organizations to think about how (and where) they store and process data. They’ve had to move away from the centralized data warehouse mentality where data was collected, stored and then accessed at some point in the future to a much more flexible data mindset that allows collection, access and analysis to happen simultaneously. Read More

Tom Davenport on Big Data – Part 2

One of the things I wanted to be sure I covered in my conversation with Tom Davenport, the author of the recently published Big Data at Work, was the concept of applying agile methodologies to big data initiatives - how do you take big data and make it Agile? Read More

Data Quality + Consistency = Business Success

Over on the Gartner blog, Andrew White shared a really interesting idea that grew out of his passion for economics and some work in the area of Infonomics that one of his colleagues, Doug Laney, has developed. His idea is that firms’ information and its quality and consistency is the currency they use to pay for business success. Read More

Big Data could thrive in the public sector

A couple of news articles extolling the virtues of Big Data in government came on my radar screen recently.   Read More

Big Data isn’t just a Technical Field

I talk to a lot of people about big data. I talk to technical folks and non-technical folks. CIO’s and CEO’s. The one thing I’ve noticed in the majority of these discussions is that everyone tends to focus on the technical aspects of big data. The discussions revolve around storage space, processing power, architectures and development efforts. While these are all important areas to consider and plan, they aren’t the only important aspects of big data. Read More

Tom Davenport on Big Data – Part 1

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Tom Davenport, author or coauthor of sixteen best-selling business books and one of Harvard Business Review’s most frequently published authors.  His latest book, Big Data at Work, covers all the bases including what big data means from a technical, consumer, and management perspective and where it can have real bus Read More

What Makes a Great Data Scientist?

At a conference recently the topic turned to big data. And then the conversation immediately jumped to the hot job on the market: the data scientist. Yes, you capture all this great data and then you have to figure out how to make business sense of it all. Enter the data scientist. What qualities should organizations look for in a data scientist? What should the job description look like? One obvious answer: the person should be able to see trends in numbers.  Read More

Hadoop And The Future Of Data

Quick, name something that is growing as fast as the tidal volumes of data today, specially unstructured data? One good answer would be the fast-growing interest in Hadoop, that open source software framework seemingly bred for taming the data monster. Estimates from Gartner and IDC put the number of Hadoop production systems today in the 1,000 range. Chicken feed, you say, and that is true relative to the millions of proprietary data management and storage solutions out there. Read More
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What's the biggest game changing trend in big data?
"Data, data, everywhere" and data federation
New platforms such as NoSQL and Hadoop
The Internet of Things
Market growth (more players, platforms, and pricing)
Machine learning and predictive analytics
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