Driving Big Insight through Data Management and Governance

Video: Big Data and Programmatic Buying

Brian Dalessandro, is VP of Data Science at Dstillery, a marketing technology company that looks at the complete consumer journey — both digital and physical — to build custom audiences and activate across any device. In this second video installment of our conversation around big data and data science, Brian discusses the scope of big data/data science as applied to the dstillery programmatic buying business.

Thinking Big—and Artificially—with Big Data

Artificial Intelligence is taking off thanks to big data. So explained Beau Cronin, a Salesforce.com product manager currently working on some AI-influenced technologies for the company, covered by infoworld.com. Read More

The Government and Big Data

We all  know that certain parts of the government have plenty of experience with Big Data.  The NSA, CIA, FBI and other agencies have been leading the way in the big data world for quite some time, even though we haven’t really been privy to most of their efforts until recent years. Read More

Big Data is Not Bad

Privacy and big data come up together a lot—the two have even been whole subjects of White-House ordered papers, and FTC discussions. Read More

Big Data: The Privacy vs Personalization Debate

We’ve talked a bit about privacy and big data here on The Big Data Forum but we really haven’t touched on the topic of personalization. Read More

Video: Leveraging Big Data in the Gig City

Chattanooga, TN was the first city in the Western Hemisphere to offer one-gigabit-per-second fiber internet service to all its residents and businesses. As a result, Chattanooga's publicly owned electric power system, Energy Power Board, now controls the most advanced smart grid system in the nation.  Energy Power Board CIO David Johnson talks about how the gig deployment has an ongoing impact on the organization's big data journey.  

Chicago Takes on Big Data

The city of Chicago is smart—big data smart. According to a techcrunch.com article, “It appears that the third largest city in the United States will become a leading model for collecting and managing big data from sensor nodes and cell phones throughout the area.” Read More

UK’s Youth Yearning for More Tech Skills

In the United Kingdom, 12-17 year-olds are aching for more tech knowledge, skill, and opportunity. Accenture recently conducted a study, interviewing about 5,000 UK residents. Although 39% of them can code now, they want more—65% of them don’t think they’re getting the tech skills they need from the current UK school system. In other words, they don’t think they know enough about gathering and utilizing big data to make it in the big world of emerging big data-related professions—and they’re saying as much now. Read More

Drones Do More with Big Data

Drones can be instrumental in helping where humans can’t—in disasters, to gather data on possible construction sites or to add value to a farm. Drones can connect with us, and the world around us, from far away, while remaining unobtrusive—and as such, they’re excellent data collectors. Big Data, meet Drones. Drones, meet Big Data. Read More

Big Data, Phone Home

Worldwide smartphone shipments hit an all-time high of 301.3 million in the second quarter of 2014, says IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. According to eMarketer, 1.75 billion people worldwide now use smartphones. Read More
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Brian Dalessandro, is VP of Data Science at Dstillery, a marketing technology company that looks at the complete consumer journey — both digital and physical — to build custom audiences...
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