Driving Big Insight through Data Management and Governance

What Makes a Great Data Scientist?

At a conference recently the topic turned to big data. And then the conversation immediately jumped to the hot job on the market: the data scientist. Yes, you capture all this great data and then you have to figure out how to make business sense of it all. Enter the data scientist. What qualities should organizations look for in a data scientist? What should the job description look like? One obvious answer: the person should be able to see trends in numbers.  Read More

Hadoop And The Future Of Data

Quick, name something that is growing as fast as the tidal volumes of data today, specially unstructured data? One good answer would be the fast-growing interest in Hadoop, that open source software framework seemingly bred for taming the data monster. Estimates from Gartner and IDC put the number of Hadoop production systems today in the 1,000 range. Chicken feed, you say, and that is true relative to the millions of proprietary data management and storage solutions out there. Read More

Using Big Data Analytics for Impactful Patient Care

As CIO of one of the nation’s largest providers of senior healthcare, Mark Crandall of Consulate Health Care understands benefits and challenges of having to deal with a considerable amount of data. Read More

Visualize It

There are many difficult aspects to ‘doing’ big data. Data must be stored in such a way as to make it easy to access and analyze. We need to analyze the data, which is much more difficult than most people would think. Once we’ve analyzed that data, we need to convert that analysis into a meaningful form for the organization to consume. Read More

What's the biggest game changing trend in big data?

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Big Data and the Specter of the ‘Permanent Pink Slip’

I have to say I got a chuckle out of some of the sound bites Deb Bulkeley cited in her recent post about the Big Data Conference at Ohio State. This one in particular perked me up: “Get ready for the big data backlash.” Really? Read More

Data Strategy - The Key to Good MDM

In a previous post titled “Master Data Management and Data Federation”, I wrote about the connection between MDM and Data Federation and how both technologies and systems will help organizations manage and control their data. Read More

Dodging Data Stewardship Dangers

As big data journeys intensify, data stewardship has understandably become a key component to success - a component that needs to go well beyond the office of the CIO.  In fact, the best strategies promote data stewardship across the entire enterprise with all information users playing a vital role. Read More

Master Data Management and Data Federation

We’ve talked about Master Data Management (MDM) quite a bit here on the blog, but I don’t recall seeing much discussion on Data Federation. Read More

Corn, Oats, Wheat and Data

When you consider the number of variables in farming, you realize the field is ripe for big data and predictive analytics. Since the days of Poor Richard’s Almanack, farmers have been eager to gain knowledge of factors such as the weather that affect their crops. Recent years have seen an explosion in the use of huge data sets to boost the farm industry. Read More
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What's the biggest game changing trend in big data?
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