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Big Data + Logistics

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Big data and analytics hit a homerun in the world of logistics, offering the industry assistance with customer service, travel time, accuracy, supply chain analytics, address verification, and even weather patterns. There are plenty of examples out there of logistics companies using analytics to make their work smarter, better and faster; below are just a […]

5 key requirements of successful big data projects

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Successful big data projects have five key requirements, says Amy Gaskins, a data scientist with more than a decade of experience designing and implementing data and intelligence projects for the private sector, government agencies and the U.S. military. In her keynote presentation at the Apache: Big Data North America conference in Vancouver on Monday, Gaskins […]

The future of embedded analytics

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Embedded analytics go hand-in-hand with big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). Just as embedded sensors spawned the IoT revolution and embedded processors helped create the big data revolution, embedded analytics will usher in a new era of even smarter devices. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean by embedded analytics and […]

Embedding Analytics in Business Processes for Smarter, Faster Decision Making

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In this digital age, data is changing everything. It’s arming us with insight to identify risks, streamline processes, make more profitable investments and most important, better serve our customers. But that insight doesn’t come from simply hoarding every tidbit of data, rather it’s about analytics—the art of “discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns” in […]

The Sky’s the Limit For Big Data Value with Cloud Analytics

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Download Now A recent IDG study explores how cloud analytics can unleash the power of big data.  According to 76% of the IT and business leaders surveyed, cloud analytics is arguably the best way to traverse big data initiatives.  It all comes down to deriving the most value from data in the shortest time. And […]

The Scoop on Hadoop for Big Data Value

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Download Now A recent IDG study reveals the need to augment Hadoop with data management tools to quickly and fully extract the value of big data. This infographic gives you an at-a-glance look into promise and pitfalls of Hadoop—from the challenges to the solutions.

How Hadoop Helps Realize Big Data Value

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Download Now Today, many tools support the big data movement—perhaps none more so than Hadoop. But you may need some extra help to tap its full potential. According to a recent study by IDG, IT leaders see real value in augmenting Hadoop with data management tools to speed and strengthen analytics. Read this  research report […]

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What’s stopping your Uberization efforts?

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The digital transformation is finally here, and as this blog post discusses, the opportunities to thrive are all around us.  Of course, making the most of each opportunity means overcoming the obstacles first.  

Is Latency Killing the Value of Big Data?

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  The value of big data depends heavily on being able to analyze and derive insight from it in real-time. While a high-performance cloud infrastructure can help deliver on that promise, the key is achieving – and maintaining – low latency. The need for low latency has extended far beyond the finance industry and today, businesses […]