Driving Big Insight through Data Management and Governance

Scaling Excellence in Big Data

I came across a great interview with Bob Sutton, the Professor of Management science at the Stanford Engineering School, on strategy+business around the practices that enable companies to scale what they do best. Read More

Fixing Data Quality

I enjoyed reading Dylan Jones' article over on The SAS Data Roundtable blog today. In "5 common data quality project mistakes (and how to resolve them)," Jone says it’s easy to think of data quality improvement as some kind of technology-centric initiative, but you realize pretty quickly that it’s really all about managing change and causing a cultural transformation in your organization. Read More

Learning About Big Data

Here on Big Data Forum, we've talked about the things that people and organizations need to consider to "do big data right." One comment that comes up frequently is the need for more education around a big topic like big data. Read More

Big Data Problems - Variety not Volume

A recent survey conducted by Paradigm4 titled “Leaving Data on the Table: New Survey Shows Variety, Not Volume, is the Bigger Challenge of Analyzing Big Data” is shedding some light on problems data analysts are having within the big data world. Read More

Goal-Oriented Big Data

You know that sports analytics has become pervasive when recreational sports like Ultimate Frisbee are getting in on the act. A decade after the movie, “Moneyball,” it’s no longer surprising to learn that competitors in any and all athletic endeavors are gaining an edge through analytics – and now, big data. Read More

The Marriage of Big Data and Cloud Technologies

"When it comes to the marriage of big data and cloud technologies, it's a match made in heaven," according to Tamara Dull, Director of Emerging Technologies at SAS. But, Dull adds, as romantic as that sounds, a strong relationship doesn't happen overnight and often requires a lot of hard work. Cloud and big data are no exception. Read More

Industry-related Big Data Posts

There have been a number of blog posts here on Big Data Forum exploring the use of big data in various industries. Here's a list of some of the most popular industry-related posts: Big Data in the Healthcare Space Big Data and Interventional Medicine Read More

Choosing the Right Big Data Tools for Marketing

Many of the marketers I've talked with say a major blocker to getting marketing programs off the drawing board and into practice has been the inability of IT teams to quickly respond to the requests of the CMO. There are a number of reasons for this, including budget issues, poorly developed strategies (or none at all), and a lack of understanding on both sides of the table about the other party's domain. Read More

Busting Big Data Myths, and the Benefits of ‘Rapid Value Realizations’

I make a point of following the “SAS Voices” blog to hear how actual SAS employees and customers are using advanced analytics to solve actual business problems. A recent post by Renee Nocker was especially compelling. To begin with, Nocker links to a webcast series that “busts” four analytics myths, based on the results of a study conducted by IDC. Read More

Big Data in the Healthcare Space

We are starting to see some great stories around the web describing how organizations are using big data to manage their business. Recently, I’ve been noticing a number of stories being released around hospitals and healthcare provider’s use of big data. Read More
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