Driving Big Insight through Data Management and Governance

The Connected Car, Big Data and Your Insurance Policy

UK based Zenith Insurance is looking for ways to use more data to make decisions about how they offer insurance to clients.  Zenith recently implemented multiple big data management systems from SAS to help manage their business and now they are looking for wa Read More

Privacy and Big Data

While doing a little research for a project related to big data, I spent some time on Google looking through news stories related to big data. At one point, I typed in “big data” into Google News just to see the latest news and blogs on the topic.  The top results in that search surprised me. Read More

Regulating Big Data

An article in Computerworld titled, "FTC Warns Companies Not to Use Big Data to Exclude Consumers," talked about some comments made during a U.S. Federal Trade Commission-hosted public workshop entitled “Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion?” held in Washington on September 15, 2014. Read More

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

It is not unusual for a business to be unaware of exactly where its data is, and what exactly is contained within it—especially when dealing with big data, as it is, after all, big. Data exploration tools and technologies have been created to help an organization find its data and what information might be contained within it—before data profiling even begins. Read More

Are Data Skill Requirements Shifting?

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to sit down with numerous CIOs across an array of industries to discuss how their respective organizations are approaching big data. The journeys are understandably as different as the companies. Read More

The Future of Data Science

The Association for Computing Machinery held their annual conference on what is now known as data science (but still officially named Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) August 24-27. Read More

Human Resources Resourcing Big Data

Marketing isn’t the only department using big data these days—the HR department uses it, too. Although there will never be a replacement for Human Resources—because after all, it’s humans interacting with humans—big data can be valuable to HR in helping them make sound decisions. Read More

Everyone Needs (and Wants) Big Data

There’s a misconception out there that marketing departments are the main users of big data. In some instances, people claim marketing is the only user of big data but anyone with any experience with big data knows that isn’t the case. Read More

6 Steps in Big Data’s Lifecycle

Boston University released a really solid illustration of the lifecycle of data, well worth exploring. So, let’s explore. Read More

Why You Shouldn’t DIY MDM

Managing big data is not an easy task. If you’ve tried it on your own already, you’re painfully aware of how difficult it is. Read More
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In a new video from SAS, Evan Levy, VP of Business Consulting, discusses master data management (MDM). I found the video to be very helpful and Levy's slow and steady style of delivery makes the...
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