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The Elusive ROI

Is there a set approach to demonstrating ROI?

Top 5 Big Data Forum Blogs of 2014

It’s clear, at least here on the Big Data Forum, that there is an endless array of topics surrounding big data. I imagine that my fellow bloggers would agree that at times, narrowing our big data topics down to the size of a humble blog post can be challenging. There is a bounty of big information on big data out there, and more is definitely coming in 2015. I think, though, that it’s fair to say there are some topics that bear repetition, and some blogs that offer very useful nuggets of organization-friendly, big data-savvy, wisdom. Read More

The ROI of Big Data

Peter Fretty has a nice video here on the Big Data Forum titled “The Elusive ROI” where he discusses the difficulties of finding the ROI of big data projects. The problem with finding or calculating the ROI of big data projects comes from the difficulty in actually defining what a ‘big data project’ is. Read More

Is Growing Your Big Data Savvy On Your List of New Year's Resolutions?

The New Year is fast approaching, and that means that you – along with millions of people the world over – may well be planning to take some time and put together your list of resolutions for 2015. You know the drill – eat healthier, exercise every day, learn a new language or take guitar lessons. Alas, so often many of these wind up neglected by spring. This year, though, perhaps you’ll add another item to the list, one that you really do intend to follow through on: Grow your Big Data smarts. Read More

Big Data+Solar Energy=Big Energy Benefits

Solar energy has to earn its place among energy providers. To do so, they monitor energy consumption and output with each installation, all valuable (big) data to state their case for existence. What they discovered, however, according to a recent article in Fortune, was that the information they can glean from energy use goes well beyond the value of solar panels, and gives insight into ways to conserve overall. Read More

It's All In How You Look At It: The Sony Hack, Take 3

As data from the big Sony Pictures hack continues to leak, everyone from major media outlets to tech blogs is busily shoving their buckets under the spigot and fishing out tidbits to share with the public. Read More

Using Big Data to Increase Enterprise Security

It seems that we hear more and more about big data being the answer to every problem that a company faces today.  Of course, it isn’t the answer to every problem but data analytics can definitely help in many areas of business today, which is why there’s a high interest in using big data approaches in business. Read More

Is Healthcare Ready for Big Data?

The path to healthcare’s realizing its potential with big data has been long and meandering. But according to a recent Harvard Business Review post, it might be close now. Read More

The Internet of Things: Are you ready?

According to Michael Porter and James Heppelman, the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to disrupt businesses as much as (or more than) the internet did when it first became popular. Read More

Data: The Lifeblood Behind Today's Strategic Marketing

Savvy hashtags, cool Pinterest boards, smooth-talking slogans and stick-in-your-head jingles all matter to successful marketing campaigns. But let’s face it: Data is the lifeblood behind all strategic efforts in marketing today, such as better targeting consumers across a range of media and engaging in relationships with customers in the way that’s most appropriate to them based on what you know about them and their needs. Read More
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Where do you think the biggest opportunities in big data will come from in 2015?
Paying more attention to unstructured data
Using data scientists more effectively
Training, training, training
Hiring a Chief Data Officer
Investing more money in big data
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Is there a set approach to demonstrating ROI?
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