Driving Big Insight through Data Management and Governance

What Does “Digital Transformation” Mean to You?

Digital transformation, or the use of technology to profoundly improve the performance or reach of organizations and the people they serve, is a big deal in the world of technology, business, and fill-in-the-blank consulting. I thought about using another term like “drastically” or “greatly” in place of "profoundly," but I believe when digital transformation is done right, the results can (and should) be profound. Read More

The Enormity of Big Data

I taught a class this past weekend at New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies called Emerging Topics in Marketing. Since it's a continuing education class, I'm always interested to see who's going to show up and what part of the business world they come from. Read More

Some Facts About Hadoop

We've covered Hadoop here on Big Data Forum in a number of posts, but I wanted to share some basic information about what Hadoop is and why you might seriously consider using it for big data initiatives. Herewith are some facts about Hadoop. Read More

Data, Data, Everywhere

Here are some interesting big data stats from around the Web. Read More

Master Data Management (MDM) on Big Data Forum

We've gone deep on master data management (MDM) here on Big Data Forum, and for good reason. MDM isn’t a simple technology that you install and forget about. It’s a process and it can be complicated. Read More

Using Talent Analytics to Source (and Keep) Big Data Talent

I'd never heard of talent analytics before, but I'm all in after reading Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends 2014. Read More

The Real Key to Success In Big Data

What is the one key reason for successful outcomes big data initiatives? Is it the technology?  Or maybe its the people that you hire? Or...maybe its the processes and systems that you put in place to manage big data? Read More

Scaling Excellence in Big Data

I came across a great interview with Bob Sutton, the Professor of Management science at the Stanford Engineering School, on strategy+business around the practices that enable companies to scale what they do best. Read More

Fixing Data Quality

I enjoyed reading Dylan Jones' article over on The SAS Data Roundtable blog today. In "5 common data quality project mistakes (and how to resolve them)," Jone says it’s easy to think of data quality improvement as some kind of technology-centric initiative, but you realize pretty quickly that it’s really all about managing change and causing a cultural transformation in your organization. Read More

Learning About Big Data

Here on Big Data Forum, we've talked about the things that people and organizations need to consider to "do big data right." One comment that comes up frequently is the need for more education around a big topic like big data. Read More
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