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Is Big Data Secure? Better Take A Hard Look.

There is no doubt about the inexorable march of Big Data. IDG surveyed some 750 IT decision makers and found that 76% of the companies they represent will ‘widely or significantly use’ big data within 3 years. Why not? As shown in CIO magazine, the big data success stories are already piling up. Read More

Big Data Security Threat: Ransomware

The New York Times ran an article about a new approach by hackers - holding data for ransom. "Ransomware" programs like Cryptowall and CryptoLocker, the article says, allow the hackers to encrypt computer data and hold it hostage until a fee is paid. Read More

Pathway to Data Virtualization

Often the best way to learn is through stories of others' experiences. By focusing on the fictional firm, Westwood Vacations, the recently published SAS Best Practices E-book Federated Data Checks In fits the bill by painting an all too common picture. Read More

(Erroneous) Big Data Models

There are a number of things I encourage clients to consider when they’re ready to jump into the big data pool. The list includes data integration, data quality, governance, federation, and master data management, and a really solid data management software partner, to name a few. Read More
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